LA Synthesis – Agraphobia Relapse – De:tuned

Anyone who Is old enough and going out in the early nineties will remember hearing this out  somewhere or on one of the many brilliant radio shows around at the time.  Originally released on Mr C’s Plink Plonk label, this gem has now been remixed across two slabs of vinyl. Remixed by a  Whos’ Who of definitive Techno  artists  from the last two decades, we have Plaid, Ian O’BRIEN, Carl Finlow, ADJ (who incidently is responsible for about a large portion of my record collection) and Terrace.  Not forgetting a completely remastered original version which i think is essential.


Have a listen here – and get the vinyl when released

Release Date 06 November 2015


Hardfloor – 3 Track EP – Hardfloor

Hardfloor are back with a 3 track ep on their own label.  Very much looking forward to trying them out on a big system…  all three track carry a fir bit of weight. My pick of the bunch is probably the first track Attention, Attention! Hijacked synths!.  It will cause absolute mayhem.


You can listen to it here and order directly from Ollie and Remon

There is also a second 12 out with a more classic Hardfloor feel, still with the 303 mayhem and also available from their website