Propulse – VC118A – Tabernacle 30

Every now and then a records drops which is so far up my street, it’s practically sitting in  my front room, on my sofa.  A nice 4 track 12.with three solid of which has a nice acidic quality..but the one you will buy this for is the Lost Trax remix.  If you’ve heard the previous Lost Trax releases on SCSI AV and Tabernacle you know what your in for. Deep dark acidic techno….and they deliver on this. Proper electro + Acid.  Whats not to love.

Listen for yourself here

Will be available from 23 February 2015.

Various Artists – 5 Years De:tuned

It’s not very often that i get to add box sets to this page but this one I couldn’t let pass without a nod to the guys at De:tuned.  So much good music across 5 12’s..  Stand out for me is the Hardfloor track, going deep into 303 territory, Luke Vibert, a return of Erik Van Den Broek (shiver), Thomas Heckman, LA Synthesis and Mark Archer.  Im very much hoping that it may be the start of a return for Mr Van den Broek.  I’m not sure the 12’s will ever be released separately, so it may be the case that you will have to get the box set if you want the tracks.  It’s obviously a fair bit of cash, bit i think the track list and the tracks justify the price.

Have a listen for yourself and let me know what you think.